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Songs From the Roof

After engineer Eric Larson and I began listening to the completed songs for this EP, we decided that it sounded like “Undiscovered Hearts, Part 2.” I guess it really is an extension of that record, probably because the songs fall into a folk-rock or pop genre, but also because the lyrics are again introspective and contemplative. For example, “City Lights” is actually the second half of the story set up in “Loving Molly” on the previous EP. “In Another Town” expresses the desires of a person to start over, in a new place, with a clean slate.

Recording "These Two Hands" was a good experience. My intention was to capture the arc of a person's life—childhood, adulthood, and middle age—using the symbol of hands. As a parent, I've really become aware of the emotions we convey with them.

Again, I had a fine cast of musicians to bring my songs to life, among them, Dave Henderson (bass), Andy Poling (drums), Ron Sodos (pedal steel), David Parlato (standup string bass), Dimi Disanti and Ron Sanborn (electric guitars), and Ginger Griffith (background vocals). And the title, well, the title “Songs from the Roof” is just the metaphor for me looking back over my life. (I confess that as a teenager, I used to sit and play guitar on the roof of my parent’s old house.)



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